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Typical Quincy Pest Control Problems

Quincy is a coastal town with Quincy Bay and the Weymouth Fore River to the immediate east of it. This allows for lush vegetation and multiple beaches like Nickerson Beach, Wollaston Beach, and the Marina Bay. However, the beautiful sea-side landscape also makes certain pests very common. One of the most pervasive pest problems throughout Eastern Massachusetts and the United States is ants. Ant species that commonly invade homes include pharaoh ants, pavement ants, odorous house ants, and carpenter ants. Of all these types, carpenter ants are the most destructive. Although carpenter ant colonies only have one queen,, they are capable of making satellite colonies in order to expand territory. However,  they are extremely difficult to eradicate. Carpenter ants are capable of living inside walls for 8-10 years without detection, but they use that time to chew tunnels and galleries inside of the wood. This makes immediate action very important. Luckily, our trained professionals are here to help with all pest infestations. Call Fox Pest Control immediately if you suspect an ant infestation. 

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Our Connection to Quincy

Quincy is home to many great organizations, nonprofits, and small businesses. Fox Pest Control takes pride in being involved in the local community. One of the ways we do that is by sponsoring valuable organizations and clubs. We’re proud to sponsor the Middle Boro Little League, because their work encourages people to become better everyday through training and teamsmanship. Fox will continue to look for community involvement opportunities in Quincy for years to come. 

Many of our Fox technicians have visited the Quincy Quarries Reservation to hike, rock climb, and picnic.  The site was the birthplace of America’s once booming granite quarrying industry. Now, picnickers and rock climbers go there to enjoy the scenery and endless rock. The Quincy Quarries Reservation continues to be a favorite weekend or summer pastime for our technicians.

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