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Typical Framingham Pest Control Problems

Framingham is a beautiful town that lies directly to the west of Lake Cochituate. It’s also filled with several ponds and reservoirs, like Learned Pond, Gleason Pond, and the Framingham Reservoirs. While these water wonderlands draw kayakers and outdoor enthusiasts, they also attract wasps.  Wasps are some of the most dangerous pests Fox helps homeowners eradicate, especially in Framingham. They can nest anywhere, from underneath siding to the corner of the eaves, in a tree, or even underground. While wasps aren’t deliberately trying to attack people, they can be very aggressive if they think their nest is under attack. Even though most people have a fairly mild reaction to a wasp sting, others can experience bad reactions like anaphylaxis. None of this is particularly pleasant, so be sure to call your local Fox technician today to prevent pest problems. 

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Our Connection to Framingham

Fox Pest Control continues to support and sponsor local clubs, organizations, small businesses, and nonprofits. One of the teams that we continue to be proud sponsors of is the Wachusett Youth Wrestling Club. Their techniques, competitions, and morals align perfectly with Fox Pest Control in Framingham. As the years go by, Fox will continually seek to be involved in the Framingham community. 

To wind down on their days off, some of our Fox team members have been known to walk the Cochituate Rail Trail. While the trail is still under development, about a mile is already accounted for. It’s a great way to bridge the gap between nature and the city.

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  • You'll always feel comfortable and safe with Fox Pest Control.
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