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Typical Canton Pest Control Problems

Canton, MA is a popular ski town about 15 miles from Boston. While Canton draws in winter sports enthusiasts with its ski resort, it’s also a popular retreat for pests, especially spiders. Some residents in Canton notice spiders in or around their homes. Wolf spiders and house spiders are some of the most common spiders in the area. Spiders go inside of a home to seek shelter, food, and water. They are usually found in dark and hidden areas like a basement or attic. Although not all are harmful, they can still be a nuisance. Keep bushes or trees back several feet from your home in order to reduce the chances of spiders coming indoors. If you want to give up relying on the rolled newspaper or the bottom of your shoe, call our Fox Pest Control today. Our expert technicians will provide thorough and quality service to make sure your home is pest-free. 

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Our Connection to Canton

Once winter arrives, you can catch a few of our technicians hitting the slopes at Canton’s Blue Hills Ski Area. The runs are smooth and the snow is fresh, making it a perfect time for our team members. Once they need to thaw out their frozen fingers, they head to the ski lodge for some hot chocolate. 

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