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Do you hear loud rustling at night? Are your garbage cans knocked over in the morning? If the answer is yes to both of these questions, you might have raccoons on your property. These frustrating nocturnal creatures mainly come out in the dark. You can usually hear them around your house, because they don’t care too much about being quiet. If raccoons are driving you crazy, don’t worry. Fox Pest Control can help. 

Signs of a Raccoon Problem

You might already know for sure that you have a raccoon problem. But here are a couple of the most common signs of a raccoon problem in Southeastern MA. 

Rolled Up Grass

While looking for worms and other insects to eat, raccoons will roll back the grass by the roots in search of them.

House Damage

Especially when a female is ready to nest, raccoons can do significant damage to property, including tearing holes in siding or shingles.


Raccoons aren’t shy about making noise at night. While foraging, they might make rustling noises, or even knock over things like garbage bins. You might also hear loud noises in your attic.

Stolen Food

If raccoons live in your area, you’re likely to find your garbage can raided or your pet food missing. Raccoons are willing to go surprising lengths in order to eat.

Things You Need to Know About Raccoons:

  • Because raccoons are nocturnal, you probably won’t see them around in the daylight. If you suspect a raccoon is on your property, look for them late at night or early in the morning. 
  • These frustrating creatures are omnivores, which means they’ll eat pretty much anything. Meat, fruit, nuts and vegetables are all fair game. 
  • While scavenging for food, they’ll often pull up grass and tear apart siding and roof tiles.
  • When raccoons gain entrance to areas close to food sources, sometimes they make their home there. 
  • Attics are one of the most common places they settle. 
  • Although they’re more likely to run than attack, these pesky critters are incredibly defensive of their young, so it’s best not to approach them. 
  • They can also transmit diseases, including:
    • Rabies (transmitted through bites or scratches) 
    • Baylisascaris procyonis (a parasite in raccoon feces, also known as roundworm)
    • Giardiasis (transmitted through feces)
    • Leptospirosis (bacterial infection in their urine and secretions) and
    • Salmonella (transmitted through feces)

Helpful Raccoon Prevention Tips:  

  • Seal trash bins.
  • Clear away branches and wood piles in your yard.
  • Don’t leave food or pet food out.

How Do I Get Rid Of Raccoons?

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Raccoon Control FAQ

What do raccoons eat?

Raccoons are omnivores, which means they can eat anything from meat to fruit and vegetables. Anything they think is edible is fair game for a raccoon, whatever is easiest to get. That means basically anything in your garbage can. Raccoons will eat:

Sugar beets and yams
Dog or cat food

Are raccoons dangerous?

Although raccoons will usually run away if they’re startled, they can be extremely fierce when cornered or trapped, and will bite and scratch anything that comes too close if they have to. Raccoons are highly susceptible to rabies.

What problems do raccoons cause?

Racoons can also spread disease, including:
Canine distemper
Infectious canine hepatitis
Raccoon parvoviral enteritis

Raccoons are a significant nuisance. They can:
Pull up grass while looking for grubs or worms
Tear apart siding or, more often, roof tiles
Knock over garbage cans and scurry all over houses
Invade attics to make nests for juvenile raccoons
Carry ticks and fleas

What is the typical behavior of a raccoon?

Raccoons are nocturnal, so they only come out at dusk and are active all night. They aren’t particularly careful about the noise they make while they scavenge for food, which is just one minor reason they can be a nuisance. If they can, they also destroy tiles or other parts of home structures.

Why do raccoons come to the city?

Because of their high intelligence, raccoons have learned that they can live more comfortably around people. They are scavengers, so they’ll eat almost anything, from fallen fruit, to vegetables from the garden, and even garbage.

When are raccoons active?

Raccoons are nocturnal, which means they only come out at night. Raccoons might be seen at dusk or early morning scrounging around for a meal, like a garbage can, or they might be skulking around in search of food.

Can raccoons harm my pets?

When scared, a raccoon is more likely to run away than attack. However, a raccoon can attack fiercely when it needs to. A female raccoon will especially be aggressive to protect her young if she’s taking care of them.

In addition, raccoons can contract rabies and spread it to any pet that comes too close.

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We have never needed pest control in the past and we randomly called Fox. We couldn't be happier with Phil the technician that came to service our home. Phil was extremely knowledgeable, thorough and patient. He answered all of our questions and put us at ease. If all of Fox's technicians are like Phil then you'll be in good hands.

– Anthony Falzone

Posted December 12th 2019

5 Stars

We've been using FOX for the last few years for seasonal pest maintenance. Every time we see some sort of pest activity outside our regular seasonal treatment, they come quick and take care of it. The workers are always kind and courteous and answer my questions and concerns. We've recommended this company to a number of family and friends who have also used FOX for treatment.

– Tara Canaan

Posted December 1st 2019

5 Stars

We have only experienced outstanding service from our techs, especially Sterling. He is very respectful and so sweet!! Good communication from their main office too! Happy customer, will recommend to friends in our area :)

– Tina Le

Posted December 8th 2019

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